Does a student’s chair really matter?

The following article informed and affirmed our thinking and decision when selecting the new chairs – the VS PantoSwing-LuPo chairs – for grades 3-8, the Library, and the Science Lab this year. These chairs follow every movement of the body, simultaneously prompting the posture to change continuously. It adapts itself consistently to the needs of […]

Our facilities planning process for Buckingham Friends School

After a thorough selection process, I am pleased to share with you that we have retained Centerbrook Architects of Centerbrook, CT to facilitate a consolidated master facilities planning process for Buckingham Friends School.  Over the past four decades, Centerbrook has worked on many different academic campuses, completing several dozen master plans and hundreds of buildings […]

Kindergarten’s Reflections About Peace

Recently, our Kindergarten students were asked to share thoughts and pictures about peace by completing the phrase “Peace is”. Their sincere and inspiring responses (beautifully written and illustrated) were wonderfully aligned with our values as a Friends school: being kind to each other.  E.K. helping friends by listening to them.  W.G. when friends are kind […]

Connected Community

Our Values at BFS – Rooted in the beliefs and traditions of Quakers, our values as a Friends school guide us to engage members of the school community in the shared responsibility of honoring the Light within each person and fostering the growth, individual talents, and passions of every student. A core value – Connected […]

Celebrating All That Our Teachers do at BFS

Buckingham Friends School benefits from the many talents and contributions of an exemplary staff of over twenty-five teachers.  As a Friends school, accredited by the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools, these dedicated educators meet vigorous standards and provide an overall program distinguished by its unmatched breadth and depth, the manner in which students are engaged, […]

A Thanksgiving Sharing

Three years ago and just before Thanksgiving, someone I had admired for many years, Gwen Ifil, passed away. “Gwen Ifil was an American journalist, television newscaster, and author. She was the moderator and managing editor of Washington Week and co-anchor and co-managing editor, with Judy Woodruff, of PBS NewsHour, both of which air on PBS. Ifill was a political analyst and […]

Witnessing How Each Student’s Voice is Nurtured, Supported, and Given Space to Grow

Now in our 225th year as a Friends school, Buckingham Friends School’s mission “honors the Light within each person, inspires scholarship and spiritual community, and instills the value of caring for others and our world.”  Rooted in the beliefs and traditions of Quakers, our values as a Friends school guide us to engage members of the […]

The BFS Community at its Best! – The Lasagna Dinner and our Annual Fall Frolic were Amazing Successes!

300 current and former community members crowded into the gym on Friday Night and enjoyed every minute and mouthful of this year’s Lasagna Dinner.  “The 6th Grade Royal Candy Court” transformed the gym into a Candy Castle, and everyone delighted in their costumes, infectious positive spirit, maturity, and superb service! The evening was the culminating […]