As the school year nears completion, I would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of Fran Cagle.  She greets all of us each day with a ready smile, eager to process requests and answer many questions, and always willing to support the children.  She helps coordinate and plan events, produce mailings, track attendance, and attend to injuries and illnesses – not to mention the countless ways she makes my work go more smoothly.  I am grateful for her effectiveness and warm friendly manner.  Everything runs easily as the result of her considerate care for our community members and attention to innumerable details.  She has that rare ability to magnify and reflect back the goodness of others, and I see this is a measure of her own inner qualities and genuine regard for and interest in others.  We have had a fantastic year at Buckingham Friends School, and I believe she has been an essential piece of that success.

The conclusion of another school year always presents the essential moments when we can each pause to reflect about, celebrate, and thank the many community members that have touched our lives – especially those that will be departing. Saying thank you and goodbye affirms our relationships and all that we have done together while acknowledging our connections to one another.  It is important to me that, together, we honor and applaud the many gifts and contributions of these special community members.  I sincerely hope that you can join us for our Closing Assembly.

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  1. Love this blog and love Fran! She’s such an integral part of BFS and helps all of us every day.

    1. “Ask Fran.” “Tell Fran.” “Let Fran know.” “Have you checked with Fran?” I don’t know how many times I’ve heard these lines this first year as a BFS parent. I couldn’t ask for anyone more patient in handling all my parental questions and incompetencies. Particularly the later. Thank you Fran!

  2. So beautifully articulated! Fran is indeed at the hub of everything that happens on a daily basis! We all share your gratitude, but thank you for affirming it in this manner!

  3. Wonderful acknowledgement of a wonderful lady!!! Thank you Fran for all that you do for the BFS community.

  4. A wonderful acknowledgement of an amazing woman! Fran is always so helpful, caring and just all around lovely to interact with. Thank you to Fran for all you do for BFS and for the care you give to our children.

    1. Fran is a wonderful person! Incredibly grateful to her for everything she does and the beautiful was she does it! We adore and love her beyond words! Thank you so much Fran! ♥️

  5. “Here Here!” to everyone’s comments. Also, thank you for being such an excellent “nurse” to all of our children who have come to you with what, I am sure, is a long list of ailments this year.

  6. Fran gives beyond measure of her talents, her time and especially her care for each of us. Always there to lend a hand, navigate a student worry or illness or find the humor in life, Fran is a Light in our community! You are always building bridges of understanding and care, which reflects who you are.

  7. I think about how grateful I am for Fran countless times a year! Happy to have a chance to say it “out loud” to our community. Thank you Fran! Have a fun and restful summer.

  8. Thank you for the invitation to join in celebrating Fran! She creates a loving, kind and cheerful first impression of BFS for all who enter. Beyond that, she has been marvelously helpful and friendly to me in my role as secretary of the Board, Thank you, Fran!

  9. Thank you Fran. You have been so kind and informative throughout our first year. It is always so nice to come into the office and see your beautiful and welcoming face.

  10. I couldn’t agree more – Fran represents the heart of BFS! Thank you FRAN – you are the BEST!!

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