Wednesday evening (Time TBA), April 10, 2024 – In the Library

“Becoming a Tech-Intentional Parent: Parenting in the Digital Age”

Come hear from Emily Cherkin, a nationally recognized consultant who takes a tech-intentional™ approach to addressing screentime challenges. 

Emily spent twelve years teaching middle school in Seattle, WA, where she watched the rise of both social media among students and technology use in schools. She has been featured for her work on screentime in The New York TimesThe Washington Post, the BBC, NPR, “The Today Show” (twice), “Good Morning, America,” Australia’s “Weekend Today,” and numerous parenting websites, blogs, and podcasts. She is the author of The Screentime Solution: A Judgment-Free Guide to Becoming a Tech-Intentional Family, an Amazon best seller. A mom of two (ages 12 and 16), she lives and breathes parenting in the digital age.

Emily will be speaking to teachers and parents at Buckingham Friends on Wednesday, April 10. Using anonymous surveys administered before the event, Emily’s talks are customized to each community she visits — more information coming soon!

Emily’s recent blog post

The Impacts of Screen-Based Technology” (Emily’s recent blog post)

I am not an apologist for all things related to technology. Nor am I anti-tech. In fact, if you try to put me in a box, it won’t work. I won’t fit. 🙂

Like so many things in life, how I feel and recommend people interact with technology is nuanced. 

The term “screentime” encompasses many different things – and the benefits and drawbacks associated with different activities matter. FaceTiming with Grandma is very different than scrolling through TikTok. Not all screentime is created equal.

This is why any approach to mitigating the risks and harms of excessive screen use (in all its forms) cannot be the same for every situation or child. 

To read the entire blog post, click HERE.

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  1. Leila and I will be there. Exactly what we are searching for at this crucial juncture in our children’s lives.

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