Mind, Body, and Self-Esteem!

The mood in the Sydney Fox’s woodshop is always purposeful and productive as students in First Grade through Eighth Grade industriously invest in designing, constructing, and completing a range of projects from toolboxes to clocks to tables to doghouses, and more. Few classes develop every learner’s mind, body, and self-esteem quite like woodshop. The principal […]

Planting Seeds of Empathy

(The following summary of a recent article in Educational Leadership, originally titled “Nine Competencies for Teaching Empathy,” was written by Kim Marshall and shared in this week’s edition of The Marshall Memo.  I share it as it reminds me of the mission, the intentions and commitment of our faculty, and the relevance of a Friends […]

Witnessing How Students Nurture Our Culture at BFS and the Value of Meeting for Worship as a Friends School

“I consider Meeting for Worship to be the central experience at Friends schools. It is where each individual can learn to listen, reflect, and ultimately share their unique voice as a contributing community member and where a culture of respect, trust, and advocacy can be built.” (from my statement of educational philosophy – shared with […]