The BFS Community at its Best! – The Lasagna Dinner and our Annual Fall Frolic were Amazing Successes!

300 current and former community members crowded into the gym on Friday Night and enjoyed every minute and mouthful of this year’s Lasagna Dinner.  “The 6th Grade Royal Candy Court” transformed the gym into a Candy Castle, and everyone delighted in their costumes, infectious positive spirit, maturity, and superb service! The evening was the culminating […]

Washington Think Tank Expert and BFS Graduate, Taiya Smith ’87, to Speak on Climate Change & Carbon Dividends – and BFS Proudly Announces Receiving its Second Energy Star Rating

Friends in Fellowship: What will it take to get the US to act on Climate Change? Thursday, October 24, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm, at the Arch Street Meetinghouse, 4th and Arch Streets, Philadelphia (this event is free) Sign up for next week’s (free) PYM Friends in Fellowship talk featuring Solebury Meeting member, George School and  Buckingham Friends School alumnae, […]

is there a gun in the house? (and other fine questions to ask one another as parents as we nurture connections and build community)

“Is there a gun in the house, and, if so, is it locked away?” and why asking simple and good questions such as “what is the rating of the movie they will watch?” or “will they wear seat belts?” or  “is your dog friendly?” or  “can we talk about my child’s food allergies?” will support […]