I send a heartfelt thanks to the many parents, former parents, students, teachers, staff members, trustees, Buckingham Meeting members, and friends of BFS who donated their time and energy this past Saturday at Spring Frolic 2019.  The sky was grey, the weather damp, and it was how many people that showed up, and “how” our community showed up, and how much that got done, that makes it easy to share that the day was a great success!

Thanks to the collaborative spirit and the collective accomplishment of these community members, class gardens were planted, weeded, and loaded with compost; trees were planted and trails tended to; wooded lots were cleared of debris and invasive species; the kitchen was readied for summer; stones and garden plaques were rearranged; the lower school treehouse was renovated; the entrance to the Jane Jackson House was beautified; everyone was well fed; and much, much, more.

We send tremendous thanks to our organizers and leaders, with a special shout out to the Physical Plant Committee, the First Grade, and Chuck Stamets. 

It was readily accessible to all why “community” is a core value and a priority at BFS.  And to highlight some of the language from our values:

We engage community members in work and teach the importance and responsibility of environmental sustainability.  We believe it is essential to connect, collaborate, and make a positive impact on our world for present and future generations.” 

We cultivate a joyful, involved, and inclusive community devoted to kindness, respect, and establishing trust and accountability.  Together, we invest in the success and the well-being of one another.

Guided by the principles of friendship, we educate young citizens and awaken consciousness and an ability to contribute meaningfully.

Thanks again to everyone and to how you shared the “who” in you that was showing up, and for “how” you showed up.  Your contributions not only cared for our campus, these gifts impacted the spirit of our community and all that we value and do for our children.

More pics? Click here.

2 thoughts on “It’s “HOW” our community shows up that amazes me!

  1. That quotation on our values, accompanied by your lovely and joyful photos, reads like poetry.

  2. These photos bring back such happy memories of Spring Frolics. Another wonderful tradition is continuing, and that is one of the key factors to the success of BFS as a school and a community. Well done everyone and thank you.

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