Recently, BFS Music Teacher Rich Cox shared with me a new song that he had composed. Rich has been one of our school’s many wonderful and inspiring forces of goodness and creativity during these unprecedented and challenging times. An engaging community leader and talented artist, he has produced a version of his new song that is ready to share (set in a simple slideshow of Instagram pics – apologies for my limited production experience and for not capturing everyone in pictures (I pulled these from just one folder and can assure you that everyone is on my mind))

I continue to feel gratitude for every member of the BFS community – our students, our teachers, our parents, our trustees, our grandparents, our graduates, and our many friends – for everything that everyone has been doing to embrace the school during these uncertain and unsettling times.  Together, we have settled into this extended term of distance learning and attended to the spirit of our community and all that defines and distinguishes BFS.  

Rich’s song reminds me that what I will remember most during the years to come will be the people I have shared this time with, and how they provided experiences, forged connections, and invested in one another.  All of this is providing important lessons for the children and the rest of us about stepping up when called upon; the importance of supporting and nurturing relationships; and maintaining our focus on being human – working together with trust and care, and expressing gratitude for one another.  These are just some of the lessons learned that will inform the future memories, stories, and actions of our children.  They will provide the promise of an impact on their future families and our world in immeasurable ways, certainly possibly more than a specific math skill or spelling word learned right now.

4252020 from Paul Lindenmaier on Vimeo.

A special thanks to everyone who has offered meaningful and appreciated expressions of gratitude to our teachers.   I can assure you that these offerings provide much-needed sustenance and inspiration to each and every recipient.

5 thoughts on “a song for our times and our community – a gift from Music Teacher Rich Cox

  1. I always enjoy your blogs, Paul. I am regularly and variously inspired, made curious to understand more, affirmed, reaffirmed, and reminded why, like so many, I have happily devoted my career and life to this marvelous vocation and this particular schoolhouse. This blog, and Rich’s song, are the two most uplifting pieces of creativity and gifts from the heart that I have yet come upon during this unrivaled time, and I thank you both from the depths of my heart.

  2. How lovely to have such a great music teacher and a beautiful song. I have a request..could we see the words for this old ears couldn’t catch it all ? I would so appreciate it! Thanks. I enjoyed seeing new and familiar faces in the video too. One of the most interesting parts was watching children using woodworking tools with Sydney……. such confidence building skills

  3. How inspiring, adorable, and affirming! I so enjoyed seeing all the people…kids and teachers, thoroughly engaged and having a great time! Loved the song, too! Thank you for making this and bringing sunshine into our home and hearts!

    Susan deLone

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