Buckingham Friends School benefits from the many talents and contributions of an exemplary staff of educators.  As a Friends school, accredited by the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools, we meet vigorous standards and provide an overall program distinguished by its unmatched breadth and depth, the manner in which students are engaged, and a mission and core values that are more relevant than ever. 

In my opinion, great educators see teaching not as a job but as a vocation – a calling and a professional pursuit that is particularly worthy and that requires great personal investment and extra dedication.

Each teacher at BFS shares their core beliefs, teaching practices, and ideas about pedagogy as an extension of our mission, values, and philosophy. These extend to classrooms, performances, playing fields, art programs, and all other settings where teachers work and interact with students each and every day.

Our teachers support the mission and core values of BFS and:

  • invest in the inner Light and promise of each student.
  • understand, embrace, and enjoy their time working with students in and out of the classroom.
  • appreciate that teachable moments occur each day and are a part of the fabric of the BFS experience.
  • take the initiative to know their students well and develop healthy, long-term connections with students through class meetings and advisory groups, and in providing a positive adult presence in their students’ lives.

Our teachers are positive role models and:

  • are fair and consistent.
  • demonstrate leadership by example through their conduct and demeanor during and after school.
  • enjoy their work and have a sense of humor.
  • support their colleagues and the goals of the school.

Our teachers create a sense of community in their classrooms and:

  • value each student as a unique individual, challenging each one to be their very best.
  • engage students actively in the learning process with a focus on the student.
  • communicate effectively with parents, students, and fellow professionals.

Our teachers are experts:

  • in their disciplines.
  • on teaching and pedagogy.
  • about the students in their classrooms.
  • and invest in their ongoing development as professional educators.

Our teachers design their courses well:

  • their lessons are carefully planned and effectively delivered.
  • they regularly reflect on, discuss, and evaluate their teaching practices and materials.
  • they provide meaningful assignments and assessments in partnership with colleagues.
  • they create dynamic, meaningful courses that focus on the needs of their students.

I’ve worked with many extraordinary educators over the course of my decades-long career –  including at some very fine and nationally-recognized schools (likely because they include high schools and stellar college placement records*) such as Germantown Friends School and Moses Brown School, and I have never experienced as much dedication, flexibility, investment, and collegiality as I have witnessed at BFS. 

2 thoughts on “Celebrating All That Our Teachers do at BFS

  1. The BFS teachers are amazing! We have had such a wonderful experience throughout our time at BFS, but wanted to share a special shout out to Mr Haupert and Ms Wiggins whose encouragement and support for our son this year just shines through him. He is consistently excited for school every day and his confidence in himself has grown leaps and bounds. Even when the work is challenging for him, he keeps working hard and putting his best foot forward – we are so grateful for Mr Haupert and Ms Wiggins and all of the BFS teachers!

  2. Although most of the BSF teachers I worked with when I was there are now retired, it is wonderful to see that current BFS teachers still express the same joy and love of teaching that I felt at BFS. BFS is wonderful place where learning is shared, enjoyed and lasting…as are the friendships made there.

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