we started the year in a position of strength, and we remain strong today. we are a close-knit and supportive community, and we are up for this challenge!

To the extended community and friends of Buckingham Friends School, On Tuesday, March 24, Buckingham Friends School began a term of “distance learning” at our beloved school.  Drawn from a recent community letter to parents and guardians, it is my hope that this post offers some insights into the strength of the BFS community and […]

Mental Health and Coping During COVID-19

“The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) may be stressful for people and communities. Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children.” (Mental Health and Coping During COVID-19, a special website resource just published by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)) To access this […]

Know Your Child

Hardly a week has gone by during the past 27 years when I haven’t mentioned one of the titles from the series of child development books published by the Gesell Institute for Human Development. “This series of child development books, by Louise Bates Ames and Frances Ilg or Ames and Carol Haber, addresses each of […]

BFS Diversity Committee Retreat 2020 – “Building an individual and institution’s racial and equity literacy is a process, not a destination”

Dr. Sandra Chapman (“Dr. Chap”), facilitated an informative, engaging, and inspiring one-day retreat for our faculty Diversity Committee on February 28.  The goal was to support and position the Diversity Committee as they develop their perspectives; build leadership capacity; help lead a range of next steps and initiatives with the faculty, students, curricula, and our […]

Facilities Master Planning update: “good stewardship means taking care of what has been given, not just for ourselves, but for the people around us and for future generations as well”

Thank you to the over 140 community members who have offered their input during the initial phase of our Master Facilities Planning process with Jim Childress and Beth Hedde from Centerbrook Architects. To recap the charge to Centerbrook: they have been hired to guide us in the creation of a plan that will allow us […]

The Parents We Mean To Be – “the intense, crisis-filled, and profoundly joyous process of raising a child can be a powerful force for our own moral development”

In his book, The Parents We Mean To Be, Harvard psychologist Richard Weissbourd argues incisively that parents–not peers, not television–are the primary shapers of their children’s moral lives. Through the author’s own original field research, including hundreds of rich, revealing conversations with children, parents, teachers, and coaches, a surprising picture emerges.  Parents’ intense focus on […]

“We love BFS students and want more of them!” – the return on your investment in a BFS education

“Grace is thriving here and adding so much to our community; you can be proud of both her preparation and her engagement.  Please send more just like her :)”  Dr. Bill Hawkey, Headmaster, The Pennington School “We love BFS students and want more of them!”  Sam Houser, Head of School, George School “Thanks for all your […]